Phytin (Phytic acid)

A tonic and general stimulant, natural product with present, past and future!

An energy supplement for improved intensity and stability of attention Phytin sun flower Increased work capacity Phytin sun flower Elimination of fatigue Phytin sun flower Relieves physical and mental overloading Phytin sun flower Enhances human body endurance during intensive exercise Phytin sun flower

Work capacity, no fatigue!

Enhanced body endurance!

Intensity and stability of attention!

Phytin has worked wonders for athletes, students, housewives, professionals, people needing stamina and strength in their profession, and anyone in a stress environment. Get your supply today for a changed lifestyle. Completely safe and effective, no side effects whatsoever.


Phytin, Phytic acid is product with generally strengthening and tonic effect on the body. It promotes metabolism regulation, enhances attention intensity and stability, extends working capacity, eliminates feeling of fatigue, increases the body's resistance and strength.


Phytic acid stimulates hemopoiesis, production of red blood cells by bone marrow, and, increases hemoglobin oxygen transport capacity. Phytin® participates in the metabolism of minerals in the body and improves bone tissue formation.


In healthy adults Phytin produced very good effect in the cases of serious physical and mental fatigue in intense sports when it is given as a tonic drug.

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Phytin retail package Bulgarian

What will Phytin offer you? is offering this fine Sopharma product a must for a busy day that recharges us for a fulfilled life. Phytin with Phytic acid as single active ingredient has been on the market for 29 years. Has assited hundreds of thousands of students in their studies and preparations for exams, avaialble in 35 countries, and has saved milions of work hours.


The overall complex effect of Phytin, Phytic acid is expressed in a general tonic action which, combined with its involvement in the regulatory metabolic processes, improves the intensity and stability of attention, increases performance and work capacity, removes the feeling of fatigue, and stimulates the organism's defenses through yet not entirely clear mechanisms (Torre et al., 1991).

How it does it?

  • Metabolism
  • Calcium absorption
  • Oxygen transportation
  • Phosphorous


The inhibitory effect of phytic acid on the proliferation of human immune deficiency viruses (HIV), implicated as causative agents of the acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), has been tested in vitro by Japanese scientists (Otaka et al., 1989). They found that phytic acid, at a concentration of 1.67 mg/ml, inhibits the cytotoxic effect of the immune deficiency virus and the specific antigenic reaction in the effected cells.

What it does?

  • Participates
  • Potentiates
  • Transports
  • Anti-oxidant


Disturbances in the calcium metabolism can be observed after prolonged administration of high doses of Phytin®. The intake of calcium-rich foods (milk and dairy products) is recommended during treatment. Phytin is a product with an extremely low toxicity in humans and special contraindications for its usage are not established. No adverse reactions were reported with the indicated dosage.

Safety and Effect

  • Non toxic
  • No side effects
  • No lifestyle change
  • Effective
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Made in Bulgaria by Sopharma AD

Why Phytin, Phytic acid?

You have a depression, lack of energy, too much work, need to finish this exam, no tonus? Best solution for you is Phytin! Fulfilling a need for more energy! Researched, implemented, produced and working for you now!

See how Phytin works ... (+)

Phytin administration

Phytin tablets blister sheet

Phytin should be administered half an hour before meal for several weeks as follows:

Adults: 6 - 8 tablets daily divided in 3 - 4 intakes. Children over 6 years: 2 - 4 tablets daily. Increased consumption of calcium-containing products (milk and dairy products) and preparations is recommended for children. Pack of 40 tablets per unit.

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