Phytin (Phytic acid)

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Introduction to Phytin

Isolation of Phytic acid

Pharmacology of Phytin

Dosage and usage

Phytin Club

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Phytin 40 tablets x 250 mg

Phytin Club Membership

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Rewarding members with unbeatable price benefits.

1. Membership for $10.00 off each

2. Receive discount code

  • Receive personal discount code.
  • Use the code in Enter code field for immediate discount.

How does it work?

  • Membership Club offers $10.00 discount off any purchase.
  • Applicable on price breaks as well. i.e. on orders of 3, 5 units as well.
  • Club membership is $50.00 per year.
  • Personal code is issued and immediately active.
  • Orders are placed at this web site.
  • Orders are shipped out of Bulgaria.
  • Shipping cost is in addition to product cost.
  • No tricks. No gimmicks.
  • CANCELATIONS of Membership is available within a month if no orders have been placed. site

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